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Brendt VS The knight
Sometime after Brendt encountered the Blackbird Merle and befriended her, while he remained inside of the tower, another person made his way to slay the creature; to get rid of the threat, either for money, recognition, or justice being delivered to those that commit evil.
On the second floor of the tower, Brendt was with Merle when he noticed a man in western style plate armor, covered with cloth decorations depicting what seemed like a mane and a green feather on his helmet. The knight made his way to the wooden doors without much rush; as he did Brendt started to make his way downstairs, jacketless and carrying only one of his swords.
Brendt managed to reach the entryway before the knight. The sight of another person made the knight stop in his tracks and wonder what was happening. "Have you slain the beast yet or are you another survivor? If you are a survivor let me handle this..."
"No, but I'll ask that you leave this place; if you don't I'll force you."
The knight let out a huff
:icondragonicoverlord14:dragonicoverlord14 4 4
Flower by dragonicoverlord14 Flower :icondragonicoverlord14:dragonicoverlord14 2 0


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During class I was bored and could use the computer so I started to doodle on GIMP using only a mouse. 
20 watchers. I wonder if I should do somethin' special... Anythin' to draw so I get out of my couch to do it? I wonder if people even notice this.


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